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Series groups

There is option to aggregate your device's series into groups (called series group), which can then be viewed together in chart or table view.

When you create device, it will also have its own dedicated series group to which you then add series (select them as active). It's used in chart and table views to display only chosen series.

Apart from these special series groups you can create custom ones, which can contain series from multiple devices. They are best used to group chosen series for easier viewing on chart and table, or to group certain series across multiple devices for comparing purposes. Note that custom series groups aren't tied with devices so they can be deleted freely, without affecting the devices.

Series names

In case of custom series group you might need to change series' names after creating new group with series, that happen to have the same names. It's necessary for chart view that every serie has distinct name, otherwise data won't be displayed properly.

Page description

Series groups page is quite simple and very similar to Devices page. There is list of series groups, form to add new ones, group of links to edition pages just like in Devices page.

The few differences between Series groups page and Devices page are listed below (including editing pages):

  • There is no device type and prefix in list.
  • There is no links to Quick Configuration and Manage databases pages in Edit section.
  • There is no need to select active series in group - once added they are active, but cannot be changed.

Series groups page