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UI Settings

Access to the user interface settings page is on the right side of the top navigation bar.

It contains options influencing the Lan Controller web interface operation, such as the language, refresh period of data from the device and others.

For the refresh period, the higher the value, the smaller the data transfer and the device load, but the weaker synchronization of the data on the page with the state of device (eg information about the state change can be shown with a delay).

There is also an option to automatically sign in as admin when visiting index page (in result it skips sign in page).

From version SW 1.44 you can choose the home page, ie the page that will be loaded after logging in.

Since SW 1.57, there is an option to hide standard readout names and display only user-set names, and an option to restrict user access to read-only (no possibility to change the state of OUT and PWM outputs).

UI Settings