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Status for user

The version of the Status page that may be available to regular users(user:user).

Administrator view

Being logged in as an administrator, you can arrange the fields in any way (in the designated workspace) and set the picture as a background. Visibility of elements is defined on the page Status (in versions before SW 1.44 it was split between pages Inputs, PWM and PID, Outputs and Power and energy).

The image is to serve better data presentation, for example, it can be an installation diagram or a drawing of the operator panel. Ideally suited when Lan Controller is a control element of machine or installation.

Status for user - admin view

Elements of page

  1. Function buttons, respectively:
    • unlocking/locking the position of elements
    • resetting the position of elements
    • saving the position of elements
    • opening the management form for background image
  2. Management form for background image, where you can upload or delete a picture.
  3. Workspace on which you can arrange elements.

Notes on picture

The image should have a resolution of 1024x768, otherwise it may not display correctly.

User view

After logging in as a user, only the Status page is visible, as in the picture below.

Status for user - user view