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Scheduler is a list of tasks to be carried out once at a specified time or cyclically on selected days of the week at a specific time.


Elements of page

The page contains a list of configured entries with a checkbox to enable or disable and buttons to edit or delete or copy the entry.

The entry copy function is available from version SW 1.60a and allows you to quickly create similar entries or change the order of entries.

Above the list there is a button to open the form for adding entries.

Saving the changes

After you finish making changes (adding, deleting, editing items), click Save. Otherwise the changes will not be saved.


Scheduler - Form

The add/edit form contains the following fields:

  • activation of the entry
  • name
  • action, controlling output OUT or PWM, setting the virtual variable EVENT, restarting LK, resetting the counted energy, controlling OLED (from HW 3.5+ SW 1.44).
  • action value, selectable for OUT, PWM and EVENT actions
  • time, that is execution time of action or the period between activities (when option periodically is selected)
  • selection of one-time or periodic execution, for the first option the date selection field is visible (Date field in the image), and for the second option, the selection field for days of the week and enabling cyclical function is visible
  • button to save the form and button to close it