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Power and Energy

Power and Energy is a tab for setting the power and energy monitored by energy meters with pulse output or measuring current and voltage from sensors connected to the analog inputs INPA1 - INPA6.

Power and energy

Elements of page

  1. Section with readings and configuration of power and energy measurement. Since version HW 3.5+ SW 1.49 there are 6, previously there were 4.


    • name setting
    • power and energy readings
    • changing the unit of measurement (only in HW 3.5+) Only a visual effect, with a exception of kW -> W and W -> kW, which results in conversion of values. These two options should only be selected when Modbus power readings are selected as I (variables m1-m4).
    • selection of measuring inputs
    • setting the pulse-to-unit conversion factor
    • field for entering a new state of energy measurement
    • enabling energy counting
  2. Function of storing readings - after selection LK remembers energy measurements after reboot.

Setting the energy value

The energy reading in the field will only change when the Count energy option is turned on. Therefore, before setting a new state of energy, it is worth activating this option beforehand. Otherwise, the set value will appear in the readout field only after activating Count energy.

Measurement with counter with pulse output

To the logic input INP1D - INP4D connect + (plus) the pulse output of the meter, to GND - (minus) from the counter. Then in the drop-down menu select the input INP1D - INP4D to which the counter is connected, and in the field below enter the number of pulses for 1kWh.

Measurement with analogue current and voltage sensors

From the left menu, select the INPA input to which the current sensor is connected, and in the right menu select the voltage input (sensor). In the case of measuring AC current with the SCT transconductors can be used to select the approximate voltage value in the electrical network.