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Elements of page

  1. Name setting fields, buttons for toggling the state of outputs.
  2. Reverse state and lock the state of outputs.

    Field Reverse state serves to reverse the state of outputs (ie 0 is interpreted as ON, and 1 as OFF, it does not affect the operation of the relay).

    Field Lock the state of the outputs causes that state of output cannot be changed via http request, which includes buttons on the LC3 page and direct GET requests to device.

  3. Time of return.

    Automatically changes the output state to the opposite one after the entered time in seconds since the first change (triggered by the user or by the event function). The value 0 means that the function is inactive.

  4. Periodic switching.

    The output will be cyclically switched on and off according to the given times in the fields (switch-on time and switch-off time).

  5. Outputs after starting.

    Sets the delay in switching the outputs on after the power returns (if they were enabled before the device was turned off). A very useful function when controlling high power loads.

  6. Keep state after restart.

    The output state will be remembered by the device so as to restore it after restart. Function available in HW 3.8 with supercap.