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Elements of page

The page contains a form with fields:

  • hostname
  • port under which the device's website will be available
  • enabling HTTPS on the device server
  • MAC address
  • enabling DHCP
  • IP address
  • subnet mask
  • default gateway
  • primary DNS
  • secondary DNS

If DHCP is enabled, the fields below will be grayed out, read-only and will be filled with data that LK will receive from the DHCP server.


HTTPS is available only on HW 3.5+.

The HTTPS connection always uses a default port 443. The port field allows to change port used for HTTP connections.

After enabling HTTPS and visiting the device's page, the browser displays a certificate related message because LK uses a self-signed certificate. To view the page, click Advanced and then Proceed to ... as in the screenshot below.

Network - certificate alert

A self-signed certificate that has not been issued by a recognized certification authority (we are not this certification authority) is considered untrusted by default. Self-signed certificates can ensure the security of the transmitted data, but do not provide any information about the real recipients. This model is common for intranet sites that are not publicly available - for such sites you can skip this warning.