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I2C and 1-Wire sensors

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I2C and 1-Wire sensors

  1. Configuration section of 1-Wire sensors (DS).

    • A form with two fields: ID and Position. Allows you to read the IDs of connected DS sensors and assign them to items in the table below. You can also enter the value manually in the ID field.

    • Table with configured DS sensors. It contains the proper name of the reading, the set ID, the current reading, the field for setting the offset for the reading, the ID reset button (removal of the sensor from the given position). At the bottom of the table there is also a button to reset the ID of all items.

  2. Configuration section of 1-Wire sensors (custom ones). Available from SW 1.57.

    • In upper part there is form with two fields: ID and Position.

      They work similarly to the DS section, with the difference that only the IDs of other sensors are read (in SW 1.57 the SCD40 sensor is supported) and there are 3 positions instead of 8.

    • Table with 3 positions. For each position, you can select the type of sensor and reset the ID. Below the table there is a button for resetting IDs on all positions and a button for opening the form for mapping readings to variables m1-m30 (shared with Modbus readings).

  3. Configuration section of I2C sensors.

    • Form with fields for setting the I2C bus frequency, primary sensor (one of the options: None or BME280, AM2320, HTS221, BME680, AM2301B/AHT25/AHT20) and 2 additional sensors: PM (SPS30, APM10) and CO2 (SCD40, ACD10).
    • Button for detecting connected sensors on the I2C bus.

    After selecting sensors and saving, their current readings will be displayed, confirming detection and correct operation.