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Set the watchdog function.

GET /stm.cgi?wdogA=B*C*D*E*F*G*H*I*J*K*L&wdogA=B*C*D*E*F*G*H*I*J*K*L&wdogA=B*C*D*E*F*G*H*I*J*K*L&wdogA=B*C*D*E*F*G*H*I*J*K*L&wdogA=B*C*D*E*F*G*H*I*J*K*L&wdogA=B*C*D*E*F*G*H*I*J*K*L
  • A is the index of the watchdog entry, integer 1-6 (all 6 must be set in one request - wdog1-wdog6)
  • B determines whether the watchdog is enabled, integer 0-1
  • C determines whether the email sending is enabled, integer 0-1
  • D defines which output is controlled, integer 0-9

        "0": "OUT0",
        "1": "OUT1",
        "2": "OUT2",
        "3": "OUT3",
        "4": "OUT4",
        "5": "OUT5",
        "6": "PWM0",
        "7": "PWM1",
        "8": "PWM2",
        "9": "PWM3",
  • E is a host to ping, string

  • F is the number of consecutive ping failures before restarting the output, integer
  • G is the timeout in seconds for the ping command, integer
  • H is the time between pings, integer
  • I is the delay in resuming ping in seconds after restarting the output, integer
  • J is the output restart time in seconds, integer
  • K is the number of consecutive restarts before stopping the watchdog (if set to 0, restarts can be performed indefinitely), integer
  • L is delay of starting the watchdog function after starting the device, integer