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Set the time in the RTC.

GET /stm.cgi?set_rtc=A,B,C,D,E,F
  • A is year, integer
  • B is month, integer
  • C is day of month, integer
  • D is hours, integer
  • E is minutes, integer
  • F is seconds, integer



Set the time settings.

GET /stm.cgi?t_ena=A&t_man=B&t_ser=C&t_por=D&t_zon=E&t_int=F
  • A determines whether NTP/manual mode is selected and if automatic daylight saving is enabled, integer 0-3 (2 bits - 1st is NTP/manual and 2nd is automatic daylight saving)
  • B is the timestamp of the date in seconds to be set in manual mode, integer
  • C is the NTP server address, string
  • D is the NTP server port, number
  • E is a time zone shift, integer
  • F is the update interval for NTP mode, integer